Monday, April 23, 2012

First Impression and Psychological Value

First Impression and Value

Why is this first impression so important? It tells a visitor IF you have any value for him and IF you value his time and the connection with him.  Websites are packed with locations that can communicate value.  Unfortunately, far too many sites fail to use those locations well. Instead, they make bad decisions that tell the visitor that he is NOT valued.

How are advisors mismanaging these locations?  When their good intentions are perceived by the visitor/prospect as obstacles to getting relevant information quickly.  Let’s look at some of these locations:

  1. A Splash screen that introduces your site but gives no value.
  2. Pop-ups that insert themselves between the visitor and the content.
  3. A layout that is not clear and/or well organized.
  4. Irrelevant images.
  5. Links that try to trick you into clicking on them.
  6. Pop-ups that do not  have a “close” button.
  7. An element that blinks.
  8. An element that automatically comes up and plays a video or audio.
  9. Content that is obviously not written for web reading/skimming.
  10. Poor legibility of the content. (small text and stupid color combinations)
  11. Links that are not obvious.
  12. Fixed page widths set for large screens (thus the right side is cut off on small screens)

As you can see - There are many ways to ruin a website.  Those elements listed above make you look desperate.  And, who in his right mind would so business with someone who's desperate?

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lipinterest said...

It is so true that first impressions make a difference. Especially know when the world is so occupied with needing social acceptance - needing to have the coolest phone or the sexiest clothes or the hottest gf/bf. These desires translate to words and if the words you are using to pull in people aren't as sweet and savvy to your audience then you lose out. Psychological concepts like this play a big role.